DCDial’s innovative inbound and outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology provides automated customer interactions over the phone and collects payments from customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Companies are increasingly turning to IVR to help maximize their customer interactions and to increase the number of automated payments received through multiple channels. IVR reduces the high costs associated with telephone inquiries, service requests, payment collections, and incoming and outgoing support calls. Inbound IVR allows customers to call a toll-free number from any telephone to retrieve their account balance, make payments, and/or access other information, such as payment due dates.

Outbound IVR can be used to schedule telephone reminders for appointments and payment due dates – allowing customers to quickly and securely submit a payment, instantly. Outbound calls can also be customized to gather data for surveys and other time-sensitive events or activities.


Real-Time Processing – Phone payments are processed immediately and can be instantly identified as a successful or failed transaction while the caller is still on the phone.
Multiple Payment Options – Customers have the option of making a payment from their bank account or credit card.
Fast Implementation – You can have your IVR service up and running in just moments with pre-built scripts and components.
Branding Capability – Fully customizable call flow scripts for branding purposes. Create your own data-driven scripts or use scripts that are driven by caller action.
Security Features – DCDial’s IVR is fully PCI compliant and features multi-layers of security.
Reporting – Customizable reports capture relevant data for detailed analysis of all actions, from the capture to the posting of payments.


Improve payment collection rates.

Unlimited PCI compliant payment lines on-demand.

Multiple languages support for customers.

Lower costs associated with support centers and customer service.

Deliver time-sensitive information to customers quickly via outbound calls.

Reduce overhead associated with past-due receivables.

Program automatic reminder calls to notify customers before and following due dates.

Allow convenient 24/7 payment options.

Offer multiple ways to pay.