Web Chat/IM

Instant access to qualified call center agents.

Text & SMS

One and two-way mobile messaging.

Social Channels

Real-time customer engagement on preferred social channels.

Voice & Visual

Custom-tailored voice and video communications.

Email Routing

Route emails to the right department for rapid response.

Empower Your CSA’s To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Instant access to CSAs increases conversions by 10 to 20 percent.

Our real-time one and two-way communication decreases cost per acquisition by 25%.

Engage consumers in their preferred method of communication, improving engagement by 86%.

DCDial offers cost-effective, Cloud-based multichannel contact center solutions—designed for us by DCDial. Our goal is to deliver superior technology. Technology that supports proactive outreach with automated and integrated CRM, salesforce, and agents scripts. Boost overall call center productivity by 100%!


Integrated with CRM

Integrated with Salesforce

Integrated with Social Channels

Automated Follow-up and Response

Automated for Optimal Self-Service

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Blend and Customize as You Wish

Instant Access to CSAs

Intuitive Agent Dashboard

Automatically route incoming IM, SMS, and Text to the appropriate sales or service agent. Optimize one-way marketing and communication for improved engagement.
Increase website engagement by up to 70%, with consumer to agent or agent to consumer communication.
Convenient mobile solutions that eliminate call center hold times and allow for at-your-own-pace consumer response.

Accelerate email response time with intelligent auto-response, email routing, language processing, automated targeting, and more!
Optimize social media channels by eliminating the delayed response time for direct inquires.
Personalize consumer engagement with an endless option of real-time visual, video, and multichannel call center solutions.

Here’s What DCDial’s Satisfied Customers Have to Say

The ability to distribute calls automatically, based on real-time volume has improved first call resolution by more than 16%.

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