Engage With Travelers While On The GoInnovative Communication Solutions For Hotels, Trains, Trucking Companies, Taxis,Public Transportation, Car Rentals, Ride Share, and More!

Travelers and commuters have unique needs, which must be met with a versatile range of automated and instant engagement solutions. DCDial’s signature solutions allow travel and hospitality companies to create personalized communication systems. Systems that are integrated with your travel and hotel management software, and optimized for success.

This goes beyond marketing and promotions, to an endless array of automated and consumer-driven outreach. Mobile check-in, delay alerts, secure mobile and automated payments, text to live agent, reservation reminders, integration with rewards programs, multi-functional mobile apps, and more!

Our goal is to allow your travelers and passengers the instant engagement required to boost brand loyalty, increase conversions, and eliminate the frustration of unplanned travel changes and delays.

Communication Solutions

Instant Engagement

Virtual Concierge

Workflow Management

Omni-Channel Communication Solutions

Provide The Personalized Solutions Travelers Expect

Easy, on-the-go communication to both travelers and remote staff via text, talk, mobile, web, smartphone, social media, and more
Intelligent routing ensures all inquiries are directed to the agent or department most qualified to achieve a first call resolution
Prioritize outreach to those traveling over those inquiring about a new reservation

Instant Engagement

Take A Proactive Approach To Travel Communication

Real-time automated text and email alerts regarding late arrivals, rerouting, disaster, cancellations, and more
Offer mobile self-service solutions regarding routing, schedules, expected arrivals, and more
Agent-free communication when needed, but one-click transfer to agents when more information is required

Virtual Concierge

Support Call Center And Live Staff Workflow With Virtual Concierge

Diverse mobile app allows for agent-free check-in, check-out, and service resolutions
Secure mobile and fully automated payment processing
Boost brand loyalty and improve travel with personalized promotions and rewards program integration and updates

Workflow Management

Optimize Agent And On-Site Workflow With Intelligent Software Solutions

Optimize your multi-channel call center with hosted IVR, ACD, CTI, voice broadcasting, and advanced dialing solutions—predictive, preview, power, and progressive dialing
Real-time analytics and reporting allows the data insights to rapidly resolve delays, and accurately measure KPIs
Integrate with your social CRM, rewards program, sales, marketing, industry, hotel management software, and more